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RYA Mile Building

RYA Training Mile Building

Build your experience and confidence on our mile builders, whilst you balance learning and enjoying your time sailing. Venture Sailing run 7 day mile builders and longer passages sailing to more interesting locations. All mile builders include overnight passages, crossing busy shipping lanes, boat handling, sail trim, navigation, VHF, AIS and passage planning experience. Mile builders are key for those working towards their RYA Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore qualifications, but they are great confidence builders for all levels of experience. They are a fantastic way to meet new people.

Our organised mile builders are skippered by an experienced RYA skipper so you will get the benefit of an experienced skipper to help you plan and run your passage. Your Skipper will want to understand your particular skills and experience and what you want to enhance or reinforce. Many take the opportunity to skipper under supervision, others increase their confidence in boat handling, sail planning and trim and keeping a boat and crew ‘ship-shape’.

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